2009 Renault Scenic


Into our workshop was this Renault with heaterblower trouble. Access to the motor is terrible on these cars. With the glove box and heater ducting on the passenger side removed and the full steering column removed on the drivers side you can see the motor



Although you can see the motor you still can’t get at the wiring. For that you need a special tool to twist and unlock the motor and small hands to get inside the ducting and release the plug onto the motor.

A tough job that we are experienced at here at Widnes Auto Electrical.

2013 Audi A3 Blower inoperative


The vehicle was brought in with no Blower. We stripped the dashboard to gain access to the motor and control module


The motor was found to be open circuit which would normally mean a new unit. But hear at Widnes Auto Electrical we are experts at repairing electrical motors for various applications.


The motor was stripped and repaired saving the customer over £175 against a replacement unit.


Mercedes SLK


This Mercedes came in for an electric roof conversion. Normally you would have to sit in the car and hold the roof switch till the roof cycle was complete. With this conversion the process becomes one touch from the keyfob.


Once fitted you can download and adjust settings,even allow the roof to open whilst the car is moving!

Fiat Punto


This vehicle came in with intermittent heavy steering when turning the steering wheel to the left.


A quick diagnostic code read revealed a problem with the torque sensor. This device is inside the power steering unit.


With the column stripped it was confirmed as faulty and a new unit sourced


Once fitted and test driven, all fault codes cleared and the car drove great.




This C-class came in with air con issues. With our machine connected the pressures were noted and found to be around the normal 10bar on the high side but nearly 0bar on the low. The high side pressures proved the compressor was pumping. The low side pressures suggested that there was a blockage. Through experience we have found the usual place for blockages would be the receiver/dryer or the expansion valve. The valve was removed which was situated at the back of the engine



With the valve removed and examined you could see the valve was stuck closed



With the valve fitted and the system charged the pressures were perfect



And the temperature was perfect




In this week was this BMW with indicator trouble. The indicators were flashing fast on both sides as if a bulb was blown,  all bulbs were OK.


Using Autologic diagnostic equipment it showed a fault relating to the footwell module, which controls aswell as other systems all external lights. DSC_0682

Again using diagnostic equipment we can do a reset on this module which alot of the time can cure the fault. But after doing this the fault remained.


So we stripped the car to gain access to the module and quickly checked all connections to the module, again all was Ok.

The BMW dealer was phoned where we were informed that they had sold 67 of these last month!  Ours will have to come from Germany as all stock in UK sold out. Once the part arrives it will need coding in.  Job done!

2009 Mercedes cls 320

Into our workshop this week was this Merc with parking assist problems and automatic door lock/unlock not working.  A full serial scan showed up 2 faulty parking sensors on the front. A check of these sensors confirmed the fault and 2 new sensors sourced.


Next we checked the locking system, the normal way it should work is as long as you have the keys on you when you approach the car when you pull the handle on the door it should unlock for you. We stripped the drivers door down and removed the door handle that contains a microswitch that unlocks the door and found water ingress into the switch.



Another week, another vehicle with water ingress causing havoc with electrical systems.

We are seeing more and more cars with water ingress into the cabin and no manufacturer is immune. It seems that manufacturers are finding it hard to build cars suitable for our environment.



Here we see a car with the passenger seat removed and the carpet lifted to reveal the loom and connectors submerged in water causing various systems to stay live when the car was locked up



A busy week in our workshop with amongst other vehicles this jaguar that had various communication issues with ABS, TRACTION AND STABILITY CONTROL, ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE.  Other garages had tried to get to the bottom of the issues but had given up.


First we plugged in our new dealer level diagnostic equipment AUTOLOGIC and got various fault codes all attributed to the ABS MODULE . The ABS MODULE is situated behind the o/s headlight,  a visual inspection of the area showed signs of damage leading us to suspect it had been in a crash and so could have possible wiring damage around the front of the vehicle. 

The bumper was removed and the loom inspected and various broken wires repaired.  This fixed the ABS problems.


The electric handbrake was then investigated. A common problem with this can be the module at the rear of the car above the dif.  Luckily with close inspection of the loom leading to this we found a previous repair job had failed so a new stronger repair was carried out.

A factory reset was then performed and everything worked a treat!

Another car with water ingress

We are seeing more and more cars with water ingress into wiring looms and control modules especially Fords and Renault.

Here we see a GEM unit with water ingress causing all sorts of sporadic faults with wipers, warning lights and intermittent starting. The water here was from condensation off the heater matrix DSC_0568Here at WIDNES AUTO ELECTRICAL we are experienced at the removal and repair of these and other similar control units.