Vauxhall 1.3cdti

Came in as a non runner. A quick check of fuses found a blown one.

Car would start but has a misfire. Tests to find the source of the misfire includes compression test, pulse to injectors and current draw of injectors.

Tests found 1 injector not being switched. Trace wiring from injector to controlling ecu found water ingress in ecu



Luckily for the customer we were able to repair this for him as a new one is over £800

Battery replacement on modern stop/start cars


With modern vehicles with stop/start technology, something as simple as a battery change can’t be done without the proper equipment.

If the new battery isn’t programmed in it can cause the battery to fail prematurely as it won’t be charged properly. As the stop/start technology relies on a battery monitor device to allow it to function this can switch off also because the smart charge system will continue to charge the new battery like the old one.




With it coded in the stop/start technology will work fine.

2010 Hyundai i30 1.6crd


2010 Hyundai i30 1.6crd power steering and traction control fault.

Fault codes show no comms with power steering module and steering angle sensor fault in the ABS system. Gaining access to power steering unit which on this car is part of the steering column


To confirm module fault we check the wiring to the module, there is a main feed and negative, an ignition feed and Canbus signal wires which have to be scoped as seen below

With all the wiring confirmed ok another unit was sourced and fitted.

Only with the correct information and equipment can you be 100 percent in your diagnosis.



2011 Citroën C4 Picasso


This vehicle came in for heater blower issues and the customer complaining of hearing water swilling around at corners.

We gained access to the motor and control module and found both had suffered water damage


Now we could of just fitted new parts and give it back to the customer. But we perform more checks to confirm the switching side of the circuit is OK. For this we have to use a scope to read the signals from the switches on the control panel. Below you can see a video of the signals as they change as the switch for the different speeds is moved

Also we wanted to find the source of the water to stop it happening again. On stripping out the wipermotor to gain access to the bulkhead there is a big gully behind which when emptied had a considerable amount of water in it. The drain holes were cleaned out to prevent any further problems.


Vauxhall Zafira


This came from another garage which couldn’t sort it. Vehicle had no central locking and heated rear screen was on all the time, electric windows worked even with ignition off.

Firstly we found broken shorted wiring


With the wiring repaired heated rear screen worked fine but other problems remained.

With us finding shorted wiring there is always a chance that control modules could be damaged. With correct wiring diagrams and module locations we traced a fault back to the central locking control module, a quick examination of the module revealed extensive damage



2006 Renault Scenic


A lot of heater blower issues in this time of year. This vehicles blower was open circuit. Also the speed Control module was burnt along with the plug. Access to all these parts is difficult,the easiest way is to remove the dashboard completely


With the dashboard removed the wiring could be repaired correctly and motor and module fitted securely.


Mercedes slk

dsc_1359The passenger door had issues with the window and central locking inoperative. We had no communication with the door module. We stripped the door down and gained access to the module, checked all grounds and feeds all OK. We also scoped the communication connections and found these to be good. The module was removed and checked


The module had signs of water ingress.

A new unit was sourced and then had to be coded in


2009 Renault Scenic


Into our workshop was this Renault with heaterblower trouble. Access to the motor is terrible on these cars. With the glove box and heater ducting on the passenger side removed and the full steering column removed on the drivers side you can see the motor



Although you can see the motor you still can’t get at the wiring. For that you need a special tool to twist and unlock the motor and small hands to get inside the ducting and release the plug onto the motor.

A tough job that we are experienced at here at Widnes Auto Electrical.

2013 Audi A3 Blower inoperative


The vehicle was brought in with no Blower. We stripped the dashboard to gain access to the motor and control module


The motor was found to be open circuit which would normally mean a new unit. But hear at Widnes Auto Electrical we are experts at repairing electrical motors for various applications.


The motor was stripped and repaired saving the customer over £175 against a replacement unit.


Mercedes SLK


This Mercedes came in for an electric roof conversion. Normally you would have to sit in the car and hold the roof switch till the roof cycle was complete. With this conversion the process becomes one touch from the keyfob.


Once fitted you can download and adjust settings,even allow the roof to open whilst the car is moving!