2003 Audi A4 – Power module issues

 2003 Audi A3 - Power Module issues repaired by Widnes Auto Electrical

2003 Audi A4 – Solving the mystery power modude issues

Into our busy workshop this week from another garage was this Audi with no wipers and indicators. The other garage had tried another convenience module but the fault remained.

Being  experienced at VAG systems and with both faults being on the steering column we could trace the fault from there 


Using accurate wiring diagrams, the signals from the steering column  go from the steering column control module to the power distribution module then that module tells the devices to work.DSC_0595

The signals were getting to the power module but it wasn’t sending them out.

A new module was sourced from the agent and plugged in no coding is necessary with this part


Pico scope is the most reliable way to test wiring and can signals.


The new power distribution module

The new power distribution module




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