Plug in Diagnostics – What we do

When you bring your vehicle to us to check electrical faults we will inspect your cars on-board computer by plugging in our diagnostics tool.  This will allow us to check the vehicles electronic control unit.   This will enable us to identify any electrical faults that your car or vehicle has so that we can carry out the necessary repairs

For some vehicles we may need to monitor the electrics for up to a week to identify and download any faults your ECU was not able to pick up.   More often than not, faults are down to simple coding errors that mean we can just reset the fault codes.  However if further investigation and repairs are needed, we will keep you informed through the whole process so their are no nasty surprises in the car electrics repairs costs.

Typical types of work that we carry out for Electrical diagnostics checking for your vehicle

Battery, starter motor and associated wiring
Battery charging rate, current draw and alternator
Distributor assembly, cap, rotor arm and ignition timing variation
Ignition module operation & coil dwell function
Coil output together with spark duration
Spark plug and plug lead performance
Carburettor / injection duration
Exhaust gas measurements
Cylinder condition & relative compression testing
Fuel injection variation

Diesel engine Diagnostics
Battery, starter motor and associated wiring
Battery charge rate, current draw and alternator
Heater glow plug current draw, pre-glow timer check
Heater glow plug, post-glow timer check
Fuel injection pump operation
Fuel injection pump timing (where marks are available)

For your electrical Diagnostics, all of this is compiled to form a comprehensive A4 printout for you. This records the entire test, as carried out on your vehicle.