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We can take a look under the hood

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Firstly the starter motor would be tested to see if it functions properly, there are a number of common symptoms of a bad starter these are;

  1. When you turn the key to crank the engine, nothing happens. The engine will not turn over.
  2. When you turn the key to crank the engine and all you hear is one loud click. The engine will not turn over.
  3. Or you turn the key to crank the engine and the engine turns over but very slowly and then stops.
  4. The battery might be good and you will know this if; you bought a new one thinking that was the solution to the problem, or you got someone to help you jump start the vehicle to no avail.

Summary of the On Car Starting Test;

This is a brief summary of the tests that we’ll be carrying out to get to the bottom of what’s causing a no crank condition on your vehicle. With the tests that we’ll be carrying out you’ll be able to say with absolute certainty it is a bad starter motor or completely eliminate it as the cause of your vehicles problem. Although the tests are fairly simple, if you do them on your own and you find the root of the problem, then all we need to do is fix your problem and everything will be solved much, much quicker.

When you bring the car or vehicle to Widnes Auto electrical, these are some of the checks we run…

  1. Firstly we test the battery before anything else. As this is a simple multi-meter test.
  2. Our trained mechanics will test that the starter motor is receiving 12 volts on the battery circuit.
  3. We will test that the starter motor is receiving the start signal from the ignition switch.
  4. A voltage drop test for the starter battery and the ground circuits.
  5. We will use a jumper-wire or an appropriate tool, apply 12 volts to the start signal wire.
  6. Checks will be done to eliminate a locked-up engine or a locked-up A/C compressor.

Where necessary we will bench test the starter motor.  What does this test consist of.  Firstly our engineers will clamp it down onto the working bench, get a battery or a charger and put the earth on the starting body. To test the solenoid we will check the spade terminal or the small nut on the solenoid;  it should throw the gear forward (although the motor won’t spin whilst testing). To check the motor, we earth the main body again and quickly strike the large wire connected to the motor body, it will now spark and kick the started round.

Bring the vehicle down to our garage in Widnes and we’ll do all the necessary testing.  If it’s faulty, we’ll either repair it or fit a new one for you.  For your peace of mind we supply and repair 12v and 24v commercial starters and  alternators