Summer season is here

With the weather getting warmer we are starting to see more cars with A/C issues.

Here is a Peugeot RCZ that had a regas last year but come to this year and it didn’t work.

leak detection dye was in the system so we quickly examined the system and found the leak on the condenser.

Access not too bad with bumper off. New condenser fitted, system checked for leaks, all good so regassed and tested.

Another happy customer able to keep their cool on these hot days

Peugeot 208 Stop/Start issues

This 2013 Peugeot 208 came from another garage with stop/start issues. Car drove fine but the stop/start was unavailable.

The codes were read showing there was a capacitor charge issue.

The stop/start system on this vehicle uses a special alternator which restarts engine and a large capacitor which discharges its voltage when needed.

This system is complex, expensive and dangerous if not careful.

This is the capacitor and control module

We used the official manufacturer tool to run tests. We checked the wiring between all relevant parts and found all OK. The voltage coming out of the module to charge capacitor should be around 5 volts, we were getting about 1.5volts. The capacitor was checked and found to be good.

The only part we couldn’t check was the control module but with all the wiring to it confirmed OK we were confident of our diagnosis. As a new part was over £1000 we sourced a 2nd hand, coded it in and rerun the tests.

The capacitor was now charging at 5volts and all warning lights went off.

Customer happy to have saved alot of money. A complex problem sorted without having to wait weeks for the dealer.

Mercedes canbus issues

2014 Mercedes E-Class.

Intermittent issues with instrument cluster. Warning lights would flash on,rev counter would drop off and warning buzzers sound, but car would drive fine.

A code read of the vehicle would bring up a lot of communication errors in all systems. An extensive investigation into the canbus network was required. This network is used by many modules to talk to each other . If this network is corrupted in any way it would log codes in many places as we were seeing. An accurate list of all modules is acquired and we proceed to unplug each of these to see if signal is affected. At this point we don’t know if it’s a module fault or wiring. If wiring is the issue this could be very labour intensive as it runs all round the vehicle.

We at last found a module with an issue. As you can see by our short clip, with the module plugged in the canbus signal was being slowed down, something that we haven’t seen before usually the signal is distorted. With it unplugged the information speeds up as normal.

You can see the signal slow as we plug part back in

Volvo drivers door

This volvo came to our workshop with a drivers door issue
Nothing electrical worked on the door including window, mirror and locking
Customer had changed module in door with no affect.we checked all powers and grounds they were OK. Then we checked the linbus signal to the module and found it open circuit.
Tracing the wiring to the door we found this corrosion on the wirer. Very small but significant. Wirer was repaired and the signal restored
With signal restored the door worked perfectly.

VW Golf aircon

This Golf was recently in our workshop with aircon issues. It had previously been regassed but had stopped working some weeks later.

We confirmed it was a gas issue and not electrical and performed some tests to discover where the leak was.

It was discovered to be a leaking condenser which is situated at the front of the engine in front of the coolant radiator. We rang customer with prices and got the go-ahead to repair. VW cars usually require quite a bit of dismantling to change condenser and this was no different

With the condenser we always fit new seals to guarantee a good fix ( you don’t want to be stripping this down again!).

With everything fitted we tested system ( high pressure and vacuum) confirmed system was secure and then regassed.

Then returned vehicle to a happy customer

2013 Ford Fiesta dash fault

This Fiesta came in with various warning lights illuminated on dash and dash staying on after car switched off.

Various checks performed showed the gauges to be at fault.

New gauges were expensive. We offer a service where we can fit and program a 2nd hand set.

This 1st tool allows us to program the immobiliser and keys. Also adjust the milage.
This 2nd tool allows us to configure various modules like the airbag and abs to the new cluster

with the cluster in and programmed the car started and ran fine, saving the customer alot of money and time on new parts.

Citroën DS3 airbag light

DS3 with airbag light on brought into us from a car sales dealer. Car sold going out and Airbag light is on.

Code read and found several codes for various airbags deployed.

Car may have previously been an accident damaged repair and as such has crash data stored in ecu.

With the correct equipment we can remove the airbag module, strip down and access the eeprom that has the crash data stored. We remove chip from board and read and repair data.

Refit to car and test. Job done quickly and at a fraction of the cost of replacing with new parts.

Insignia non runner

This vehicle was towed in to us as a non start. With accurate wiring diagrams it became clear that the problems lay with the wiring to the underhood fuse box.

We removed the battery and tray to reveal the engine wiring loom, to find at some point the battery must have leaked and damaged loom.

With all the bad wiring removed and replaced with improved protection from future damage, the vehicle started first time and ran great.

Another happy customer.

C4 Cactus battery going flat

2015 Citroen Battery going flat even after journey. Tested at another garage and told it has a discharge, so brought to us.

We performed our tests and found the fault to actually be a non charging fault. The Alternator and wiring were both tested and proved to be good.

As with all PSA group cars this fault can be related to a software issue. With our PSA dealer tool and battery support unit on the vehicle we can scan the car and see if any software updates were available, which there were.

A battery support unit is essential for programming to maintain battery voltage during the procedure.

With the download complete the car started charging fine. The customer also stated that the running of the car was much smoother since update.

Another happy customer.

Starter Motors Widnes

Starter Motors Widnes

Here at Widnes Auto Electrical, we can either repair or replace Starter Motors . We will diagnose the problem and then find a suitable result to fix it, or if the Starer Motors cannot be fixed, we will replace it. Below is a short summary on how we test Starter Motors :

First of all the starter motor would be tested to see if it functions properly; there are a number of common symptoms of a bad starter…

  1. When you turn the key to crank the engine, nothing happens. The engine will not turn over.
  2. When you turn the key to crank the engine and all you hear is one loud click. The engine will not turn over.
  3. Or you turn the key to crank the engine and the engine turns over but very slowly and then stops.
  4. The battery might be good and you will know this if; you bought a new one thinking that was the solution to the problem, or you got someone to help you jump start the vehicle to no avail.

Summary of the On Car Starting Test:

This is a brief summary of the tests that we’ll be carrying out to get to the bottom of what’s causing a no crank condition on your vehicle. With the tests that we’ll be carrying out you’ll be able to say with absolute certainty it is a bad Starter Motors or completely eliminate it as the cause of your vehicles problem. Although the tests are fairly simple, if you do them on your own and you find the root of the problem, then all we need to do is fix your problem and everything will be solved much, much quicker.

When you bring the car or vehicle to Widnes Auto electrical, these are some of the checks we run:

  1. Firstly we test the battery before anything else. As this is a simple multi-meter test.
  2. Our trained mechanics will test that the Starter Motors is receiving 12 volts on the battery circuit.
  3. We will test that the Starter Motors is receiving the start signal from the ignition switch.
  4. A voltage drop test for the starter battery and the ground circuits.
  5. We will use a jumper-wire or an appropriate tool, apply 12 volts to the start signal wire.
  6. Checks will be done to eliminate a locked-up engine or a locked-up A/C compressor.

If you think you’re having problems with your Starter Motors, or you feel that you need it replacing then please contact us, also if you want to know more about the other electrical services we provide with vehicle electronics then again please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of our friendly team will be in contact with you shortly.