Brought to our workshop today from another garage was this very nice 58 plate Alfa Spider with a host of electrical faults. What we have found with this car aswell as most modern cars is water ingress into the wiring harnesses which then tracks along the loom until it reaches a plug or component. In this particular case the drivers door had water ingress which had got into the door module sending sporadic signals to the main BCM(controls most electrical systems on vehicle) which had affected its operation causing other systems to throw up faults. So you can see how hard a fault like this is to diagnose, one system completely separate from another still effecting its operation. But here at Widnes Auto Electrical our experience in these kind of faults enables us to diagnose and repair this fault. We removed the door module and wiring loom from the door and repaired both without the expense of replacement parts. A very happy and relieved customer picked up his car the same day fixed at a very reasonably price.

DSC_0881~2 (2)