Peugeot 208 Stop/Start issues

This 2013 Peugeot 208 came from another garage with stop/start issues. Car drove fine but the stop/start was unavailable.

The codes were read showing there was a capacitor charge issue.

The stop/start system on this vehicle uses a special alternator which restarts engine and a large capacitor which discharges its voltage when needed.

This system is complex, expensive and dangerous if not careful.

This is the capacitor and control module

We used the official manufacturer tool to run tests. We checked the wiring between all relevant parts and found all OK. The voltage coming out of the module to charge capacitor should be around 5 volts, we were getting about 1.5volts. The capacitor was checked and found to be good.

The only part we couldn’t check was the control module but with all the wiring to it confirmed OK we were confident of our diagnosis. As a new part was over £1000 we sourced a 2nd hand, coded it in and rerun the tests.

The capacitor was now charging at 5volts and all warning lights went off.

Customer happy to have saved alot of money. A complex problem sorted without having to wait weeks for the dealer.


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