Mercedes canbus issues

2014 Mercedes E-Class.

Intermittent issues with instrument cluster. Warning lights would flash on,rev counter would drop off and warning buzzers sound, but car would drive fine.

A code read of the vehicle would bring up a lot of communication errors in all systems. An extensive investigation into the canbus network was required. This network is used by many modules to talk to each other . If this network is corrupted in any way it would log codes in many places as we were seeing. An accurate list of all modules is acquired and we proceed to unplug each of these to see if signal is affected. At this point we don’t know if it’s a module fault or wiring. If wiring is the issue this could be very labour intensive as it runs all round the vehicle.

We at last found a module with an issue. As you can see by our short clip, with the module plugged in the canbus signal was being slowed down, something that we haven’t seen before usually the signal is distorted. With it unplugged the information speeds up as normal.

You can see the signal slow as we plug part back in


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