Citroën Belingo ABS Fault

This vehicle came to us after another garage had failed to find the fault. The ABS light was on with a fault code for the signal to the rear left sensor.

The previous garage had fitted another sensor but the fault remained. Through tests it was found that the signal wirer from the sensor to the ABS module had gone to earth somewhere.

It was now a case of tracing the loom through the engine bay and the rear of the dash and under the carpets to the rear.

With the seats removed and the carpet lifted the fault was found. The loom was rubbed through where it was cable tied and the carpet was pressing on it. It must of been like this from new and had finally rubbed through. The loom looked perfect visually but experience in these kind of faults allowed us to find it quickly.

On this video you can see as we push on the loom our tester beeps as the wirer touches earth.

Another customer happy to get it sorted before the Christmas break.


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