E90 BMW airbag fault


The airbag light was illuminated, a quick serial scan showed passenger occupancy sensor fault a common issue on these cars. A quick test of the wiring confirmed all OK up to seat.

A lot of people then fit a module that kids the car into thinking someone is sat in the seat and so turns the light off, a cheap but dangerous repair. The purpose of this sensor is not just to see if the seat is occupied but also the weight of the person so if a small child was sat in the seat in the avent of a crash through airbag would not deploy as it can do more harm than good. With this module you lose that function.

Luckily this customer understood the dangers and went with a correct fix. The customer sourced there own sensor which we tested first as fitting is quite fiddly as it sits in the seat underneath the cushioning


With the seat refitted and all codes cleared car was fixed


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