Guy Martin attempts to beat wall of death speed record

Will the Wall of death speed record be beaten?

Defying the laws of nature is a gold that humans tend to have since the beginning of times. Motorcycling daredevils are some of those people. Challenging laws of gravity and g force is actually something that can be fatal. This is what happens when someone enters a Wall of Death (the spectacle that we can see in carnivals most
of the times, where a person on a motorcycle drives, not on the floor, but on the walls of something that is similar with a bucket).

Guy Martin decided that he would break the records of speed on this kind of exhibitions, but not in any Wall of Death – he did it on the biggest of them all. For resisting the laws of gravity, the daredevil needs to drive at 20 mph (miles GUY’S WALL OF DEATH LIVE per hour), what means he is experiencing 2.5 g’s. Well, this man drove at 78,15 mph. This is the equivalent of 6 g’s – more than what an astronaut goes through the departure of a space ship.

All of this confrontation with the laws of nature do have a big impact on your body. These men can truly die during the spectacle. They can fall or even pass out, since the g force they are experiencing can overwhelm them. “They don’t call it the Wall of Death for nothing” said Guy Martin.

Even though what he did was a true duel with life and death, he does not want to finish here. He wants to try and reach the 100 miles per hour. What you should understand is that even though this is the biggest Wall of Death, with 121 feet of diameter, it is not built to resist such speed.

Whatever Guy Martins decides to do from this day forward, we need to congratulate him for his courage and a bit of craziness as well. The World record belongs to him and obviously because he really deserves it. This kind of stunts are a true proof of the bravery of humans with nerves of steel that test themselves putting their life in risk every time they climb on to a motorcycle.


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