Jaguar joins the race for the emerging electric car market

We all been hearing about electric cars for a while now, but what is an electric car

Electric Cars –  It’s basically a car that is propelled by electric engines instead of the usual internal combustion ones. Although you may think this is a new invention, it is not. Since the late 19th Century that electric cars exist, but only now we see this major need for them and the increase of search to buy them as well. The reasons vary a lot. It can be from environmental concerns, the uprising of prices of gasoline and several others.

Nonetheless, what matters is that the creation of electric cars is increasing and Jaguar does not intend to be left behind on the subject. They expect to have an all- electric car by 2018 – the I-Pace. It will be Jaguar’s second SUV in all its history and it will be electric. The car maker is promising that the quality of performance and looks
won’t change a bit from what the customer expects from a Jaguar. Wolfgang Ziebart, the technical development leader said “the I-PACE concept fully exploits the potential EVs can offer in space utilisation, driving pleasure, and performance.”

The Jaguar I-Pace is expected to have two electric motors that will pump 516 pound-feet of torque, with a combined 400 horsepower. Charging it won’t be difficult as well, since its 90 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack only needs 2 hours on a 50kW fast-charging DC station what will allow the SUV to deliver a range of 500 miles. The carmaker is also saying that for those who only drive around 30 miles a day, the car will only need to be charged once a week.

The Director of Design, Ian Callum said that “the interior of the I-PACE Concept is finished with beautiful, premium materials and an unwavering attention to detail” wish lets the clients feel more secure about this new concept.What we really can expect is that the future will be full of electric cars and we should start to adapt ourselves and our cities to them.

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