A busy week in our workshop with amongst other vehicles this jaguar that had various communication issues with ABS, TRACTION AND STABILITY CONTROL, ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE.  Other garages had tried to get to the bottom of the issues but had given up.


First we plugged in our new dealer level diagnostic equipment AUTOLOGIC and got various fault codes all attributed to the ABS MODULE . The ABS MODULE is situated behind the o/s headlight,  a visual inspection of the area showed signs of damage leading us to suspect it had been in a crash and so could have possible wiring damage around the front of the vehicle. 

The bumper was removed and the loom inspected and various broken wires repaired.  This fixed the ABS problems.


The electric handbrake was then investigated. A common problem with this can be the module at the rear of the car above the dif.  Luckily with close inspection of the loom leading to this we found a previous repair job had failed so a new stronger repair was carried out.

A factory reset was then performed and everything worked a treat!


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