Lexus with DPF issues

This vehicle came from another garage with engine management light on.  The fault code related to exhaust temp sensor issues.

The customer had not long purchased the vehicle and didn’t know the history of it.

On examination it was found that the DPF pressure sensor had been bypassed with a emulator to kid the car into thinking all was well with the exhaust and emmisions. We removed the bypass module and put it back to standard, whereupon the fault codes changed to DPF pressure issues.

The most common reason to fit an emulator would be because the cost of repair . If the filter needed replacement the costs would be in the 100’s of pounds.

We advised this customer on a correct repair which involved removing the DPF and cleaning it out professionally and then do a regeneration on the system, but on removal of the filterit can be seen that a hole had been drilled through the centre of the filter to allow the exhaust gases to escape

There was no choice but to replace the filter for the customer.


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