Mercedes E-class


Into our workshop was this Mercedes which had a fault where intermittently the key wouldn’t turn in the ignition switch, this is a infrared key. Through a series of tests it was found that both keys were faulty and also the EIS(electronic ignition switch).

A new key was priced at £240+vat and the EIS at £425+vat. With the age of the vehicle was not something that was viable. Another option is to change various components on the car relating to security because everything is coded and needs to match, so a 2nd hand EIS unit would not match the engine ECU and also the ESL(electronic steering lock).

We managed to source a complete set of components


These were all fitted, the steering lock is particularly hard to fit as it was in the locked position so is hard to remove.


With the new kit being off an estate car we had to perform adaptions on it so the electronic boot release would work.

Another happy customer saved from perhaps having to scrap the vehicle.



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