Over 50% can’t even change a car tyre…Can You?

A survey has found that just over half of Brits are not able to  do basic checks on a car, such as a tyre change or checking coolant levels.

According to Tyre Shopper  found that almost half of the 2000 asked  didn’t know how to change a car tyre or  check the coolant levels in their car.  This appeared to be even more so when asking those under the age of 25’s compared to the over 55’s

The survey found that many of the youngsters didn’t have a clue and would always ask their parents to help them out with car issues; fathers were the most asked by almost double compared to those asking their mums for help with car maintenance issues.

After asking parents, next inline tended to be Google with almost 1 in 3 searching online for answers.


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