Air Conditioning Widnes

Air Conditioning WidnesHere at Widnes Auto Electrical services we are experts in repairing everything electronic in a vehicle, this includes your vehicle’s Air Conditioning unit, but if yours is working fine, you may feel that you don’t have any requirement to get it serviced, but Air Conditioning can go faulty without you actually noticing (unless you know what you should be looking out for). Here at Widnes Auto Electrical services we can repair & service your Air Conditioning unit for your car throughout the Widnes area.

Why do I need to service my vehicles air conditioning if it is working fine?


  • The right amount of refrigerant and fresh oil will improve the efficiency of the Air Conditioning system and can increase the life span of the compressor.
  • Cleaning air intake ports in the vehicle can clean out the water drainage pipes together with bacteria treatment, as this prevents the Air Conditioning system from mould build up on the inner walls, which is the reason for bad odour coming into the car when the A/C is on, and may cause health problems to yourself or your passengers.
  • An efficiently working air conditioning system may improve your vehicles MPG (Miles per gallon).


My climate control system only blows in warm air. Will an Air Conditioning service, procedure or recharge fix this?


Yes and no. If your system is low on gas, then a recharge should get the system working properly. But any other faults in the Air Conditioning, like gas leakage, electrical or any mechanical component fault(s) need to be diagnosed first and eliminated before recharge can be done, as this could cause more problems further down the line for yourself.


I recharged my Air Conditioning unit one month ago and now it’s empty again. Can you come out and find the leak?


Sadly, no: A micro (very tiny) leak can be very hard to trace, the wind and sun complicates the work of the technician and in some cases can extended the diagnostic procedures required. Leak finding test can be done solely at our workshop, located at the industrial area located under the Runcorn Bridge (Widnes side).


How often do I need to get my Air Conditioning system serviced?


The majority of vehicle manufacturers usually recommend to service the Air Conditioning system every two years. The cabin’s Air Filter usually has to be checked always during each annual maintenance service and must be replaced if required. Vehicle air conditioning can present unexpected and unexplainable problems such as: Heat that doesn’t heat up the inside of the vehicle. Air conditioning that doesn’t cool you down during those awful stuffy days in the car. Defrosters that can’t keep the windows clear, these can cause safety issues when driving in the winter. Unpleasant odour, this is usually caused by a build-up of mould in the inner walls and this causes the air to push the strong smell into the car forcing yourself and your passengers to cope with the smell.


If you are in need of getting your Air Conditioning repaired or serviced and you’re in the Widnes area, then why not come pop down into our garage and see what exactly we can do for you. Alternatively if you are interested in what we can do for you, or you would just like a free quote, then please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly regarding your quote, or with information regarding on how to advance to our next steps.