Webasto aux heater trouble

This van was in our workshop to have a look at the rear aux heater. The heater is a Webasto that uses fuel to a heater underneath the vehicle.

This is the control on the dashboard. The green light flashes a code to help diagnose the issue.

The flash code on this vehicle told us that the system had shut down. So we had to perform a reset before we could proceed further. Once reset a code for fuel supply flashed up.

With accurate wiring diagrams we could trace the wiring to the fuel solenoid and found that there was a cut off switch circuit fault. We managed to repair the fault and confirm a fix with our thermal camera


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Martin said:

December 24, 2017 at 3:15 pm

The guys sorted a parasitic drain on my honda CRV.would definitely recommend Widnes auto electric.thankyou.

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