What to consider when purchasing your new car?

Are you buying a new car this summer?

Buying a new car is a very exciting time. Lots of things to consider.  Do you buy new?  Do you save a little money and buy one a few years old?  Are you looking for a bargain with thousands and thousands of miles on the clock?   We will usually spend time looking at a number of different cars thinking about how we will feel and look in our new motor.  Whilst this a fun part of the process, it is also the part we can also get carried away with and focus to much on.   Instead, we really ought to focus on the electrical and mechanical issues that surround and used vehicle purchase.  As a result of this lack of focus many buyers may end up with a car that has these very issues that they simply are not aware of.

So what are your best steps to take to ensure you buy the right vehicle?

Get a mechanical check done.

It’s really important to check in advance whether or not your car is roadworthy and worth the price.   It’s always a good idea to have a mechanic look over the vehicle to see if there are any obvious faults that will cost you down the line.  Even if a car is sold with a warranty, it’s still a pain down the line to have to send your car away when it could have been fixed in advance of your purchase.

Check the car electrics.

Going beyond looking at whether your lights work or not is a really important thing to do.  With many cars having more and more electrical components and sophisticated on board computers controlling the vehicle, as quick trip to your local auto electrician could save you a lot of money in the long run.  Checking the car electrics with the latest diagnostic equipment can either reveal a multitude of problems, or put your mind at rest that you are buying the right car at the right price.  It’s always good to check as it will definitely save you money in the long run.

Take the car for a test drive.

Testing driving the car is not just about how you will look and feel driving the motor. Driving round the block is the perfect time to listen out for any rattles and creaks and see how it generally handles on the road.  If all goes will and you have made the necessary electrical and mechanical checks from your local garage or professional mechanic, then you’re good to go.

Remember, taking time to make these checks really will save you money and time in the long run.  If in doubt feel free to give we call here at Widnes Auto Electrical and we will be happy to guide you


Here’s a simple top ten list to consider:

1. Determine a range of cost.

2. Always test drive the car.

3. Research the vehicle.

4. Consider the Cars Best Suited for You.

5. Review the Vehicle History Report.

6. Request a Pre-purchase Inspection. 

7. Take a Look at Some of the Reviews.

8. Do Not Hesitate To Negotiate.

9. Validate Ownership.

10. Complete the Transaction.


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