Will cars have no steering wheel or pedals by 2021

Ford Aims for building Cars that have no Steering Wheel or Pedals by 2021

No steering wheel or pedals by 2021 – We all know the world is change. Everyday new things are discovered, new scientific and technological improvement is made. Vehicles are not apart from this. They too are suffering or gaining, depending on the views, with these new findings that surprise us daily. One of these new developments is what normally called smart mobility. Less and less, drivers are needed to guide a car. They are starting to be able to do it themselves.

Ford is one of several companies that is working in the industry to achieve these vehicles. Since this summer we are hearing from Ford CEO Mark Fields that they hope to have a car with no steering wheel or any brakes by 2021. They believe that this will be a benefit to those who can’t buy a car, since that usually ends to be expensive,
and, for other way, a method to help the environment as well.

These vehicles that need no driver are imagined to be used for ride-sharing, like for example, with Uber (that would be a company interested in these kind of development). Actually, Ford is working with Baidu that also works with Uber. Nevertheless, other companies are being involved in the process, like for example companies that can help create new sensors for these no drivers’ cars.

Obviously this isn’t a great solution to everyone. Some people that in reality like to drive themselves, may come to a time where that isn’t possible. The passion of driving may be at an end. Nowadays we have cars that don’t need gear, so if a car as no pedals or no steering wheel, we are faced with no need to actually drive. Whatever we may feel about this new solution that Ford, like other car companies, are investigating, the truth is that this can be very beneficial to the world and our society.

Maybe one day this can even be implemented into the public transportation, for example, during the night. But for now we still have to wait a few more years, at least with Ford, to know what is going to happen and if these goals will be achieved.


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