2007 Mini


Recovered to us this Mini was a non runner. The recovery guy said it was a fault with the key. The steering lock would not engage and the ignition wouldn’t switch on.


There were faults in various modules alot relating to traction control.

Knowing these systems we accessed the module and read live data


As you can see on this data the 2nd to last reading says the vehicle is moving. This is the reason the steering lock won’t engage.

The information from the traction control unit goes to the CAS unit behind the dash. Reading live data the 4 wheel sensors were ok. So knowing this system we know an open circuit can cause a false reading like this. With accurate wiring diagrams we were able to trace the correct wires and find a damaged wire in the loom.


You can see green residue on the grey wirer where the copper core has oxidised and broke. A simple fix and the car is up and running again.

Only if your experts in the complex electronic systems on vehicles can you work out a fault like this.


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