2008 Peugeot 3008



This vehicle was with us for starting issues, it would crank over fine but not fire.

Unfortunately for this customer they had first been elsewhere with this vehicle and had alot of work done which had not cured the problem.



The garage had unbelievably taken £950 of him without curing the problem and had ran out of ideas of what to do next.

It turned up at our workshop after being of the road for 3 weeks.

Firstly we plugged in our diagnostic machine to scan for any fault codes, there were none relevant to our fault,  so onto live data.

We measured rpm speed and fuel pressure both were low.The starter motor was removed and repaired, the bearings were all worn out due to the excessive cranking.  When refitted the rpm was fine but the fuel pressure still low.

Looking at the previous garages bill one thing they hadn’t done was test the injectors.

A simple spill test which measures the amount of fuel passing through the injectors revealed that one injector was stuck open and so the fuel pressure couldn’t reach the desired level.

A second hand injector was sourced as money now was a real concern for the customer, fitted and coded.

Car started perfectly and ran great. Another customer wishing he’d come to us first!



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