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We know that a lot of people need consistent maintenance to their vehicles, and that doesn’t fall short in terms of Alternators. That’s why we at Widnes Auto Electrical are here to provide you with all of your needs in regards to Alternators, so don’t you worry people of St Helens.

The Alternators primary function is to keep your battery charged. As well as that, it also provides your car with all of the means to be able to run things related to electricity. A tip to look out for, is lights can be dimmer, wipers slower and various warning lights on the dash because low voltage can cause many systems to fail. If this happens then pop into our workshop and let us test your car for you and we can sort your problems out quickly and cheaply.

Alternator repairs for Cars & Vans in St Helens

Need an alternator repair in St Helens for your car or van? Make your alternator repair quick & easy by calling into our auto electrical repair centre in Widnes.


Jaguar Land Rover has strengthened its commitment to the armed forces with the donation of two F-TYPE sports cars to Mission Motorsport. The cars will be used by the charity to support the recovery and rehabilitation of ex service personnel affected by their time in the military.

The donation, championed by the armed forces team at Jaguar Land Rover, was made in the run-up to Armed Forces Day on 30 June. It continues Jaguar Land Rover’s relationship with the forces’ motorsport charity established in 2014 with the creation of its Armed Forces Engagement Programme.

A critical element of that project was the establishment of a Wounded Injured and Sick (WIS) training scheme, in which more than 45 WIS personnel have taken part and 29 have gained full-time employment with Britain’s biggest car maker. Six others had been employed by Jaguar Land Rover’s partner organisations.

“These two cars will make an immeasurable difference to the Mission Motorsport team, enabling them to reach even more veterans who don’t know what the future holds after their discharge from the military. ” “At Jaguar Land Rover we have seen the benefits a programme like this can have in awakening new horizons, ambitions and careers. We look forward to seeing the next set of beneficiaries begin their new future with us”


Workers were joined by some of Jaguar Land Rover’s WIS recruits and Mission Motorsport ambassadors to build the cars – a 2.0-litre 4-cylinder 300PS and a range-topping 5.0-litre V8 575PS SVR. One of those spending a day on the production line was Jaco Van Biljon, who joined Jaguar Land Rover’s WIS training programme in 2017 and went on to secure employment in the firms powertrain division. He’s since represented Great Britain at the Warrior Games and has been selected, along with two JLR colleagues, as members of Team GB for this year’s Invictus Games taking place in Sydney this October. Jaco is also about to embark on a sponsored degree.

I did not know that my journey from Mission Motorsport to Jaguar Land Rover would be life-changing when I made that first phone call. I left the military because of a degenerative condition and really didn’t know where to turn. Today, I’m here at Jaguar Land Rover in a job I love, with a team that support me and a bright and exciting future. It’s been quite incredible


This has been an incredible gesture by Jaguar Land Rover and an extraordinary commitment to reinforce our hard work in support of those leaving the armed services. It is our responsibility now to harness the excitement that these cars create to help inspire those who have so much to offer. We are very grateful indeed for this transformational gift.


Since signing the Armed Forces Covenant in 2014, Jaguar Land Rover has recruited more than 850 ex-forces personnel and is committed to seeing this number rise as it aims to become the employer of choice ex-military. Whether choosing to leave the armed forces, or having been wounded in action in, Jaguar Land Rover has a programme in place to support those transitioning from forces life to civilian career whilst meeting its own need to advance the skills and capability of the automotive industry. From leadership and team working skills to the ability to cope under pressure, the armed forces community has many of the core skills needed to help Jaguar Land Rover succeed in the future.

The launch of new retailer technician training programme earlier this year is just one new way the company aims to upskill ex-military personnel for employment in Jaguar and Land Rover retailers across the UK. So far this year 12 technicians have been employed.

How long is it safe to leave a dog in a hot car?

The answer is quite simple. Never leave your dog in a hot car. After just a few minutes your dog is at risk. What’s amazing is that I was over in Widnes the other day near the Costa Coffee and an owner of a Ford Focus had left his dogs locked in the car with the windows barely open. This is just cruel in this weather.

According to the RSPC temperatures can rise very quickly and in whether like this, your car can reach temperatures very close to 50C in your car. In this situation it can result in death for your dog.

Is also wise to know that if you do leave your dog in the car you could expect a fine between £2,000 and £5,000 depending on the situation. If you do see a dog, or any animal locked in a car in this heat, and cant see the owner, you should contact emergency services or even your local rspca – they can advise you on what to do.
This situation should never come about, but I guarantee that some silly idiot will do this over this summer.!

Saudi Arabia finally allow women to drive!

Female racing driver Aseel Al Hamad celebrated the end of the ban on women drivers with a lap of honour in a Jaguar F-TYPE.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 24 June 2018: Female racing driver Aseel Al Hamad celebrated the end of the ban on women drivers with a lap of honour in a Jaguar F-TYPE.

Aseel, the first female board member of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation, had never driven on a track in her home country before.

Aseel joined Jaguar in a call for June 24th to be known as World Driving Day – a day when finally, the whole world can enjoy the thrill of being behind the wheel of a car. On World Driving Day Jaguar invites people to share a memory of their best driving moment (image or anecdote) using the #worlddrivingday.

Having loved cars since I was a child, today is highly emotional for me. This is the best driving moment of my life. What better way to kick off World Driving Day than a lap of honour in my home country in a Jaguar F-TYPE – the ultimate car to roar around the track. I hope people around the world will share in our joy today by sharing their most memorable driving story using #worlddrivingday.


By creating World Driving Day, Jaguar urges people to remember this historic day and what it means to women, to Saudi Arabia and to world progress in general. As part of its ongoing work with over 40 Universities and Academic institutions globally on future mobility solutions, the company will also be partnering with University in Saudi Arabia to join this global network. The partnership, to be announced later this year, will be a unique exchange to tap into the brightest young minds in Saudi Arabia to shape the company’s future innovations as it moves to ACES (an Autonomous, Connected, Electrified and Shared future).

It’s easy to forget and take for granted the enjoyment of driving and just what a privilege it is to get behind the wheel of a car. World Driving Day is a commitment from Jaguar to celebrate this key moment annually for both men and women. This year, we’re really excited to collaborate with the brilliant students from Saudi Arabia to shape the future of mobility for people around the world.


Who is Aseel Al Hamed

Aseel Al Hamad is a true pioneer with a huge passion for motorsports as the first female board member of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation. She also serves as the Saudi Arabian representative at Women in Motorsport Commission for Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

Aseel has driven all over the world. She loves fast cars and the thrill of the race track. She holds a degree in interior design engineering from Prince Sultan University and followed additional courses at the University of the Arts in London.

Leading car manufacturer admits to poisoning there customers!

Mercedes have been ordered by the German government to immediately recall 700,000 Vito vans, C class and GLC SUV’ due to prohibited shutoff devices .  Mercedes are said to have designed software solely to manipulate the CO2 emission in order to pass diesel emission regulations for their vehicles. As a result they are putting there customers at risk from harmful poisonous diesel fumes.

This is not the first time Mercedes have had to issue recalls.   In 2016 Mercedes suffered from 2 major issues of defective airbag control units along with suspected power steering failure on the C class.

In 2015 recalls were also issued for concerns around a rubber seal that could have potentially caused a fire in the CLS and E class affecting almost 150,000 vehicles on this occasion.

The one positive to take from this is that Mercedes did put there hands up to these issues whereas most manufactures have often left it till last minute in the hope the issues would never be reported on.

So, on this recent occasion, why did Mercedes take so long to come forward on this required recall?

Put simply, the costs of issuing a recall are immense.   Particularly in the current client where profit margins in the motor industry are under extreme competitive pressures.  That’s why Mercedes had been in intense negotiations with the German government to prevent a recall because of the outlay involved in fixing the defeat devices, which involves a major software update.

Issuing a recall is seen as taking responsibility but Mercedes did not want to take initial responsibility in an era where people are now concerned with the state of the environment and air quality.  One other worry is that this issue could also affect future resale values, consequently causing problems in the used car sales and consumer finance market.

So what’s the cost to Mercedes in all of this?

Basically, one might say that Mercedes knew what they were doing.  Ultimately, they have risked poisoning there customers with dangerous diesel fumes and thought they could conceal the issue in the pursuit of profits.   To put some numbers to it, this has cost them a figure in the region of almost £100 million.  The knock on affect will ultimately be to there reputation.  Would you trust Mercedes with a Diesel, or any of there motors for that matter?

The only saving grace for Mercedes in all of this, is that the Diesel-gate scandal that still rumbles on even know has proven that other leading car manufactures having also been up to know good!




How often do you check your motor for faults and problems?

Most people think they need to check their car or motor vehicle in the winter or when its MOT or service is due. However, throughout the year, its important that you take care of your motor vehicle to ensure it remains in good working.  This way your motor will remain safe, reliable and at is most fuel efficient on the road

Having said that, many car owners neglect their vehicle, and this can result in poor running performance and accidents. Fortunately, there are basic checks and maintenance tasks you can carry out to keep your motor vehicle at is best.


It is important that your car is running on a good set of tyres and this will make sure that the car is driving safely.
Every 2 to 4 weeks it’s a good idea to check tyre pressure and your tread. This will ensure you stay safe and inside the legal limits for driving.

Engine Oil

Every month or so, you should check your engine oil as vehicles its not uncommon for cars to use up to a litre of oil every 1,000 miles. Do not wait until the warning light comes on as damage may have already occurred by then so check that you are always in between the minimum and maximum amount (overfilling can also cause damage).

Water & Coolant

Experts recommend that you check your water and coolant every couple of weeks ensuring your coolant is between the minimum and maximum amount. You should always do this when the engine is cool. If you think its unusually low this could be a sign of a leak. Take it to your nearest garage
It’s worth checking your lights are in good working order at least every week or 2. You will usually find if you are driving a modern vehicle then you will just need to check your onboard computer. A warning light will normally appear. If not, check manually by cleaning any dirt of and make sure they are bright and clear on the road.


This is one of the simplest things to do. Simply keep an eye out for any damage such as cracks or chips. There have been numerous occasions in the past were people have simply not bothered to repair them and the chip has led to the windscreen smashing and causing accidents. Often your insurance will fix these for you without you losing any no claims either!

Windscreen Wipers

The wipers should always be cleaned whenever you clean your car to prevent smearing. Many motorists like to replace their wipers once a year and this is a good practice as they are cheap and easy to replace.
Screen wash

With the warm summer weather on the way, it becomes breeding season for the bugs and flies that love to hit your windscreen on those country roads. Before you know you will run out of screen wash from constantly clearing away the bugs.

As such, check and top up your screenwash on a weekly basis as it is required by law to work properly. It is particularly important to check on a regular basis if you drive in muddy conditions or if you are about to set off for a long drive.

Emergency Kit

Once a year you should take a look at the toolkit/emergency kit that you have to make sure that you have everything you need. Ideally this should include a spare wheel, locking wheel nut, a jack, water, food, warm clothing, a blanket etc.

Car Electrics or Auto Electrics

Check that all of the electric work in the car on a weekly basis. This can be easy enough to do whilst you are driving or simply when you are parked – any problems should be fixed as soon as possible. Bring it in to Widnes Auto Electrical if you have any concerns

Peugeot 206cc ABS Fault


ABS light on . A quick look at fault codes reveals pump fault . A wiring diagram was used to check power and ground connections . All proved ok .


The pump was removed and a 2nd hand unit sourced as new unit expensive and a repair on existing unit would take too long.


The pump was coded in and test driven to confirm fix.

Kia Soul

Into our workshop was this Kia Soul. This is a full electric vehicle and not a hybrid.

dsc_1210The customer wanted a new set of horns fitting. We wired them up completely independent from the existing vehicle wiring so as not to interfere with the sensitive vehicle electronics.


Suzuki Swift intermittant misfire


This car came in from another garage who had fitted plugs and coil packs but the fault remained.

The first thing to do was to confirm which cylinder the misfire was on.

With this confirmed we then have to find out whether it’s a fuel, ignition or a fault within the cylinder. The easiest place to start is with the ignition or spark.


A node light is fitted to the plug for the injector to see whether the light pulses with each injector pulse. As this was an intermittent fault at the time of testing it was ok.

We checked fuel pressure and it was also ok. We then put the car back to standard and used our pico scope to monitor the injection pulse whilst the car was running, pico scope is a great way to monitor electrical circuits whilst being non intrusive. The images are all recorded so you can leave the vehicle and if the fault happens whilst your away from the vehicle you can go back and see what happened

Whilst monitoring the injection pulse the signal would dissappear as if being switched off, seen here as a flat line


We then checked the integrity of the wiring from the injector to the ecu just to make sure there were no bad connections or chaffs in the wiring before contacting the customer to tell him that the ecu was at fault. An expensive component which you want to be certain of before swopping. With our experience and training in electrical diagnosis we were confident in telling the customer our results.

Citroen Relay


This vehicle came in with management light on but running fine.


As well as these codes, fuse 17(engine control unit)  was blowing as soon as the ignition was switched on.


On removal of the engine fusebox burnt wiring could be seen, the main culprit was an earth wirer. The engine loom was stripped out and the burnt wiring replaced. The earth wirer was traced back to the DPF pressure sensor on the exhaust. The sensor was tested and proved ok and once the wiring was replaced the current draw checked and found to be good.

The vehicle was test driven and all was good. On ringing customer with our findings and repairs that were necessary we told them that we couldn’t find a reason for the burnt earth wirer.

The customer then informed us that the problem only happened after trying to start the vehicle and it was dead and the main engine earth was broken. Mystery solved!

Obviously when Trying to start the van and the earth being open circuit it had found its way to earth through the earth wirer on the sensor and with the wirer being alot smaller the amount of current passing down it had melted it.