Citroen Relay


This vehicle came in with management light on but running fine.


As well as these codes, fuse 17(engine control unit)  was blowing as soon as the ignition was switched on.


On removal of the engine fusebox burnt wiring could be seen, the main culprit was an earth wirer. The engine loom was stripped out and the burnt wiring replaced. The earth wirer was traced back to the DPF pressure sensor on the exhaust. The sensor was tested and proved ok and once the wiring was replaced the current draw checked and found to be good.

The vehicle was test driven and all was good. On ringing customer with our findings and repairs that were necessary we told them that we couldn’t find a reason for the burnt earth wirer.

The customer then informed us that the problem only happened after trying to start the vehicle and it was dead and the main engine earth was broken. Mystery solved!

Obviously when Trying to start the van and the earth being open circuit it had found its way to earth through the earth wirer on the sensor and with the wirer being alot smaller the amount of current passing down it had melted it.



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