2009 Citroen Jumper


Into our workshop was this Citroen van which was towed in as a non runner.

Firstly we plugged in our diagnostic machine and retrieved all the fault codes.


The injector code we thought through experience would be the best to investigate first. The Easiest thing to do first is to disconnect each injector in turn in case one is shorting out dragging down the supply. This proved unsuccessful.

These injectors are Piezo so they are switched on and then the voltage swops round and they are switched off. All wiring was checked from the injectors to the ecu and found to be ok.

We then started  checking the wiring to the ecu because although we could communicate with the ecu there are 3 feeds and 3 grounds that activate different parts of the ecu. It was here that we found 1 of the feeds was missing. This is where accurate wiring diagrams are essential for diagnosis


The ecu was accessed and the loom stripped and checked. After much stripping and head scratching the break was found, the tiniest nic in the wirer.


Only if your experts in electrical fault finding could you find a fault like this.

So if your car is suffering from electrical gremlins come see the experts


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