Recovered to us not running. Cars like this can be hard to work on because information and diagrams are scarce, but with our experience and proven test process we can be confident in tackling these sorts of jobs.

Customer said they pushed the internal button for central locking and car cut out.  Vehicle started but wouldn’t change gear as it’s automatic.

It was found that fuse 38 listed for central locking and mirrors was blowing as soon as ignition was switched on .


Using specialist equipment we can trace the source of the short in the most efficient way.

Disconnecting all doors made no difference. Then disconnecting the relevant loom narrowed it down to the engine bay. More testing confirmed that the problem lay within the fusebox/body control module  itself.


A new part was priced at over £500,but we were confident in our diagnosis to tell the customer of our findings. Luckily we managed to source a 2nd hand unit. Once plugged in and all the fault codes cleared and various systems reset, the car started first time and ran great.


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