Into our workshop this week was this nice little car with abs faults. It had been into another garage for diagnosis and a rear abs sensor had been fitted, but the fault remained. The garage had then fitted a wheel bearing hoping that would cure the fault,but to no avail. So the lady came to us upset with this garage because they had fobbed her off having taken a load of money off her. So we started our investigation by plugging in our diagnostic machine and confirming the fault which showed up as a rear near side sensor open or short circuit. So the next step is to see if we are getting any signals at the sensor. We found one of the wires to be open circuit so now it’s a case of tracing the wirer back and finding the break. The cable runs up under the back seat then along the sill to the engine bay
. We removed the front passenger seat and exposed the wiring and found the broken wire in the sill. We bought a replacement loom repair section from SEAT cut out the bad section and refitted the carpet and.seat,cleared the fault codes and road tested to confirm the repair was good. A happy customer picked up the car knowing where to come in the future with electrical problems.


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Mike Price said:

June 6, 2015 at 10:00 am

Went in at 4.30 asking for advice on faultu Kia sorento airbag light which wouldn’t go off.After diagnosing the problem with a couple of diagnostic testers,fault sorted there and then.Very reasonable and saved what would of been a MOT fail.Thanks guys…

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