A busy week in our workshop with amongst other vehicles this jaguar that had various communication issues with ABS, TRACTION AND STABILITY CONTROL, ELECTRIC PARKING BRAKE.  Other garages had tried to get to the bottom of the issues but had given up.


First we plugged in our new dealer level diagnostic equipment AUTOLOGIC and got various fault codes all attributed to the ABS MODULE . The ABS MODULE is situated behind the o/s headlight,  a visual inspection of the area showed signs of damage leading us to suspect it had been in a crash and so could have possible wiring damage around the front of the vehicle. 

The bumper was removed and the loom inspected and various broken wires repaired.  This fixed the ABS problems.


The electric handbrake was then investigated. A common problem with this can be the module at the rear of the car above the dif.  Luckily with close inspection of the loom leading to this we found a previous repair job had failed so a new stronger repair was carried out.

A factory reset was then performed and everything worked a treat!

Another car with water ingress

We are seeing more and more cars with water ingress into wiring looms and control modules especially Fords and Renault.

Here we see a GEM unit with water ingress causing all sorts of sporadic faults with wipers, warning lights and intermittent starting. The water here was from condensation off the heater matrix DSC_0568Here at WIDNES AUTO ELECTRICAL we are experienced at the removal and repair of these and other similar control units.



2010 C3 No sidelights




DSC_0637This came into our workshop this week with no sidelights and the customer having already had it into his usual garage which couldn’t locate the fault. . All the obvious checks were made first  like bulbs,fuses and switch.  Through diagnostic live data we could see the switch sending command for sidelights so that eliminated the switch and the wiring to control module.

We then unplugged the module to start checking continuity between it and the sidelights only to see this! DSC_0638

 The plug onto the module was just as bad, but unavailable as a spare part. Luckily  second hand parts were sourced locally and fitted. The customer was extremely happy at the savings against new parts and a quick and proper diagnosis.

2003 Audi A4 – Power module issues

 2003 Audi A3 - Power Module issues repaired by Widnes Auto Electrical

2003 Audi A4 – Solving the mystery power modude issues

Into our busy workshop this week from another garage was this Audi with no wipers and indicators. The other garage had tried another convenience module but the fault remained.

Being  experienced at VAG systems and with both faults being on the steering column we could trace the fault from there 


Using accurate wiring diagrams, the signals from the steering column  go from the steering column control module to the power distribution module then that module tells the devices to work.DSC_0595

The signals were getting to the power module but it wasn’t sending them out.

A new module was sourced from the agent and plugged in no coding is necessary with this part


Pico scope is the most reliable way to test wiring and can signals.


The new power distribution module

The new power distribution module



FORD FOCUS RS – ABS Light issue

Into our workshop today was this Focus RS with an ABS light illuminated.

A quick serial scan showed front sensor faults. We performed a live data check by going for a run in the vehicle and found no communication with the front sensors.

2012 355hp

2012 355hp

Once exposed the wiring was excessively taught

Once exposed the wiring was excessively taught

once the car was lifted and the sensors examined the trouble was obvious. The common issue with the RS model is that because the car is alot wider than the regular car and they haven’t extended the wiring looms to the sensors,  the wiring is stretched excessively and can become open circuit. Repair looms were sourced from the dealer and repaired successfully.