Electrical faults on Bentley


Today a lovely 2010 BENTLY arrived at our workshop with a host of electrical problems. The windscreen washers were not working and blower and headlights. The customer was not sure whether the faults started to happen at the same time or happened over a period of time. A quick look at the wiring diagrams told us that they weren’t connected by any module, therefore, we considered that they were each an individual problem. First we looked at the washers and found the washer pump to be faulty. A new one was sourced from the agent at only £28+vat!! Next the blower was checked and a wiring fault was eventually traced between the motor and control module so no new parts were required. Lastly the headlights were checked and a blown fuse was found to be the problem. We advised the customer that it could possibly be a short somewhere, but at this time its best just to take it and see how it goes. So another customer who was possibly expecting a huge Bentley sized bill went away happy.


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