Non running Ford Focus TDCI


Into our workshop this week was this 2007 Ford Focus TDCI which would not run it had been to 2 other garages that had given up and said it must be an electrical problem. The symptoms were it would almost start or fire briefly then cut out. We plugged our diagnostic machine in and there were no relevant codes present. So we did some initial tests to check injection pulse, fuel pressure and various sensor readings. All seemed fine. Through experience in dealing with these types of engines we know that EGR valves can effect the starting if they are stuck open as they should be closed at idle. So we disconnected an EGR valve pipe and cranked the car. Hey presto it fired and ran. A new valve was sourced in this case it comes with the inlet manifold which makes it trickier to fit as the turbo and exhaust have to be moved to gain access. But again a good professional job was done and the customer was very happy as the previous garages had had the car for 2 weeks trying to solve the problem!
Here it is with the EGR removed

Note the heavy carbon build up in the inlet ports of the old manifold this is mainly due to the EGR valve resurculatting the exhaust gases. An oil change and engine flush are always recommend in these cases.


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