Hear from our great customers!

If you’re looking for a garage that can repair and fault find any issues in your vehicles electronics then look no further! Here at Widnes Auto Electrical Services we can repair almost any electrical fault in your vehicle and we can even re-fill & repair Air-Conditioning units in your vehicle! We have an extensive track record of happy customers who we see come back to us every now and then when something else has died on their vehicle. Below are just what two of our happy customers said about our service:

Start Motor Repairs:

Chris Moore, Start Motor Repair:  I was on the way to work one morning (by on the way, I mean  I’d just got out of my house and was sat in my car), I put the key in and turned it and….. nothing! I started to panic, but a neighbour must’ve heard me f*’ing and blinding and came to my help, they told me that Neil at Widnes Auto Electrics would be able to sort it for me, I gave them a call and they brought my vehicle in for me, it was repaired fairly quickly and after a call with my boss, I was told to get in whenever I can and that it was just an unforeseen problem occurring. My car got repaired and I kept my job! Thanks Neil!

Air Conditioning Repairs:

Johnny Perez, Air Conditioning Repair: I was cruising down the motorway on my way back from London when I started to notice a bad smell in the car, I thought it was one of the kids in the back having an accident, but the next day they weren’t in the car and I could still smell it. I looked up online and it said that my air-con may be faulty, so I looked for a repair garage in my area. I gave Neil a call at Widnes Auto Electrical services and they sorted it out for me that very day, thanks a lot guys, I don’t have to choose between not being able to breathe or smelling something awful in my car!

Air Conditioning Widnes

If you would like some more information on our Electrical Repair Services, or you would just like a free quote or you need some more information on our processes, then please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly.