Electric Vehicle Servicing, Maintenance and Repair

Electric Vehicle Servicing, Maintenance and Repair – A question we are getting asked more and more is…. Do Electric cars still need the same vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair as a regular petrol or diesel car? Well the answer is simple.  Yes they do.

For many the worry is how to find the right trained mechanic to fix their car. It is fair to say most mechanics are trained to work with regular internal combustion engines, but don’t have the equipment or staff training to maintain and service electric vehicles.  However, just like when you have auto electric faults with your current vehicle, the idea is to find a good auto electrician to deal with these issues.  Most experienced car or vehicle electrics specialists will be routinely upskilled themselves in the new requirements and equipment needed to help you.

So do electric cars also need an MOT?

Again the anwer is simple…Yes they do.. Just like a regular vehicle, an electric car will need to go on for an MOT annually after it is 3 years old. The GOV.UK website can be a source of confusion for drivers as it lists ‘good vehicles powered by electricity’ under vehicles exempt from MOT – however, this does not cover electric cars.  So make sure you keep a record or  check with your local garage what you will need for your mot

What are the typical costs of electric car maintenance of the course of the year?

Initially this is always hard to answer, because all vehicles are different and will vary in cost for their servicing and general maintenance.  What I have noticed is that with electric motors, and their simplicity and overall low maintenance you could find yourselves with considerably lower maintenance costs saving you literally hundreds over the year.

Choosing a local auto electrician to maintain your electric vehicle

At Widnes Auto Electrical, our auto electrician have received specialist training to work competently on electric vehicles – we also have all the necessary testing and safety equipment in-house to carry out servicing and repair on electric vehicles. To find out more about how we can help feel free to give us a call or call into our auto-electrical repair centre in Widnes

Did You know…Potentially thousands of car repair firms ‘face collapse’ after no-deal Brexit.

Did You know…Potentially thousands of car repair firms ‘face collapse’ after no-deal Brexit.

Did you know that within 2 weeks of Brexit happening at the end of this month, around 1,000 companies across the UK car-accident repair industry “could be on the brink” of closure.  According to experts it could mean the cost of repairing your car would increase significantly due to parts becoming more difficult to come by. 

Body shops that repair cars in accidents face a very uncertain future, business leaders warn

Body spraying a panel in a body shop – the Government has been accused of doing very little to help the industry which depends on speed at the border

New border checks risk slowing down business dramatically for an industry which relies on getting car parts in quickly from abroad, including Europe.

The Government is facing calls to take a ‘no-deal’ Brexit off the table from the car industry

According to car industry experts, the car repair industry had been ‘severely underinvested in for many, many years’ and therefore didn’t have the reserves to step up to the difficulties of a no deal – if the supply chain was hit with delays. Meanwhile Kate Goodwin, who fronts the repair programme and supply chain at The Innovation Group, an organisation which supports industry, added: ‘Repairers don’t get paid until a repair is completed, margins are tight.

According to the government the priority is  to deliver a deal that will protect UK jobs and prosperity and provide certainty for businesses as we leave the EU. The Government is preparing to ensure the country is ready for every eventuality.

What we say is if you are in Widnes then don’t panic  Brexit is potentially going to happen at the end of this month.  The good news is that Widnes Auto Electrics are fully prepared for all outcomes and will be able to continue to provide car electrics for you regardless of the outcome

2012 Skoda Superb

This lovely Skoda came into Widnes auto electrical today with the electrical problems with the electric boot release and closure. With these cars the boot and glass can be opened separately and in this case the glass wasn’t opening at all. So the first problem was to release the glass so we could gain access to the wiring. To do this we had to dismantle the locking mechanisms on both sides of the boot, which we did(not an easy job!!) then we could strip the covers off the hatch and access the wiring loom. We did our checks and found broken wiring in the hatch. We removed the loom from the car and replaced the damaged section and then began the process of reassembling the vehicle. Which took awhile but you have to make sure the locking mechanism is put together in the correct order or it just won’t work. Again the customer picked it up the same day fixed at half the price they were quoted from the agent. One happy customer