2012 Skoda Superb

This lovely Skoda came into Widnes auto electrical today with the electrical problems with the electric boot release and closure. With these cars the boot and glass can be opened separately and in this case the glass wasn’t opening at all. So the first problem was to release the glass so we could gain access to the wiring. To do this we had to dismantle the locking mechanisms on both sides of the boot, which we did(not an easy job!!) then we could strip the covers off the hatch and access the wiring loom. We did our checks and found broken wiring in the hatch. We removed the loom from the car and replaced the damaged section and then began the process of reassembling the vehicle. Which took awhile but you have to make sure the locking mechanism is put together in the correct order or it just won’t work. Again the customer picked it up the same day fixed at half the price they were quoted from the agent. One happy customer