Into our workshop this week was this nice 911 with electric window trouble. With the drivers side door stripped down the mechanism was found to be faulty. We managed to remove the mech and repair it saving the customer substantial expense of replacement mechanism. Another satisfied customer.

Non running Ford Focus TDCI


Into our workshop this week was this 2007 Ford Focus TDCI which would not run it had been to 2 other garages that had given up and said it must be an electrical problem. The symptoms were it would almost start or fire briefly then cut out. We plugged our diagnostic machine in and there were no relevant codes present. So we did some initial tests to check injection pulse, fuel pressure and various sensor readings. All seemed fine. Through experience in dealing with these types of engines we know that EGR valves can effect the starting if they are stuck open as they should be closed at idle. So we disconnected an EGR valve pipe and cranked the car. Hey presto it fired and ran. A new valve was sourced in this case it comes with the inlet manifold which makes it trickier to fit as the turbo and exhaust have to be moved to gain access. But again a good professional job was done and the customer was very happy as the previous garages had had the car for 2 weeks trying to solve the problem!
Here it is with the EGR removed

Note the heavy carbon build up in the inlet ports of the old manifold this is mainly due to the EGR valve resurculatting the exhaust gases. An oil change and engine flush are always recommend in these cases.

VOLVO V70 Non runner


Today into our workshop was this 2009 volvo V70. The customer had broke down in Scotland on holiday,the history with the fault was that the car had gone flat over the period of a couple of hours the AA had come out to it and got it going and couldn’t find any faults with it. The car had been Ok for a couple of days but then had been completely dead. A local garage had been out to it first saying it was the battery,that hadn’t worked so they then put a startermotor on and that hadn’t worked. The garage then recommended taking it to a volvo dealer, but because the customer had used us with success previously he wanted it recovered to our workshops. The first thing we did was to plug in our diagnostic machine there were various voltage related codes and ecu communication codes. One thing we have come across with some later Volvos is if the battery voltage drops it can corrupt the immobliser and the system would need a reflash (reprogram of the ecu). This was our initial thought because of the flat battery a couple of days earlier. So to confirm this the easiest place to start was the startermotor circuit. We fed the starter direct and it cranked over but still didn’t start. So we started tracing the circuit to find out where the power for the starter comes from. The starter is fed via a main ignition relay,we linked out this relay and hey presto!the vehicle started. So now we had to figure out what triggered this relay. With the correct wiring diagrams we worked out that once the ignition key is inserted the BCM confirms the key is correct and activates part of the ECU which then sends out a negative to this relay which in turn sends a positive feed back to the ECU activating the rest of the system starting the car. So with a pin diagram for the ECU we traced the wirer to the ignition relay and a break in the wiring was found under the airbox caused due to a cable tie holding the loom too tight and crushing the loom.
As you can see the modern vehicle is a complex machine with many modules and ECU’s that all have to be communicating successfully for the car to work. Here at WIDNES AUTO ELECTRICAL we are specialists at this kind of work so you can be sure of a quick and cost-effective solution to your problems.


Car Electrical Repairs in Widnes with Widnes Auto Electrical Services


Here at Widnes Auto Electrical Services we specialise in repairing electrical faults in vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We have many years of experience and are the best at what we do in the Widnes area. If you have an electrical fault of any size, then bring in your vehicle into our garage today and let our specialists have a look at it. We can repair anything from: Starter Motors | Diesel Components | Air Con | Alternators | Ignition Components | Electrical Motors | Wiring Fault Finding/Repairs | Vehicle Radio Decoding | Light Faults | Engine Misfires | Plug in Diagnostics

Below are what a few people have said about us when we have repaired their vehicle due to one of the faults listed above:


Jack Thompson, Cronton, Widnes: My car had a weird smell coming from it whenever I had the air con on, obviously I didn’t want to cope with the awful smell or the heat with the air con off, so I had a look online and it looked like I needed to get it repaired. I found Widnes Auto’s phone number when surfing the web for a garage in my area. The price they quoted me was great so I brought in my car and left it with them. I picked it up after work and it was brilliant! I didn’t need the window open when on faster roads, I could just have my air con on instead again! Now I don’t have to cope with the annoying noise of wind getting in and the awful smell coming from the air con itself.

Laura Hitchcock, Farnworth, Widnes: My car wouldn’t turn on its headlights for some reason. The indicator on the dash said they were on, but none of them were working. My work shifts are night shifts and due to the roads being dark and headlights being a legal requirement, I couldn’t go to work until it was sorted. I gave Widnes Auto a call after getting their number from a friend. They booked my car in the same day and it was done the same day too!! I can finally get back to work and it’s got my boss off my back, thanks so much guys!

If you are interested in what we can do for you, or you would just like some more information, or even just a free quote, then please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly.

Skoda immobliser trouble


Into our workshop this week was a Skoda with intermittent non start. Intermittent problems are tricky to find but luckily we have a lot of experience with VAG vehicles and some investigation found a problem with the gauges as these contain the immobliser. We removed the gauges and stripped them down and repaired the circuit board which cured the problem and saved the customer the expense of a replacement set of gauges.

Hear from our great customers!

If you’re looking for a garage that can repair and fault find any issues in your vehicles electronics then look no further! Here at Widnes Auto Electrical Services we can repair almost any electrical fault in your vehicle and we can even re-fill & repair Air-Conditioning units in your vehicle! We have an extensive track record of happy customers who we see come back to us every now and then when something else has died on their vehicle. Below are just what two of our happy customers said about our service:

Start Motor Repairs:

Chris Moore, Start Motor Repair:  I was on the way to work one morning (by on the way, I mean  I’d just got out of my house and was sat in my car), I put the key in and turned it and….. nothing! I started to panic, but a neighbour must’ve heard me f*’ing and blinding and came to my help, they told me that Neil at Widnes Auto Electrics would be able to sort it for me, I gave them a call and they brought my vehicle in for me, it was repaired fairly quickly and after a call with my boss, I was told to get in whenever I can and that it was just an unforeseen problem occurring. My car got repaired and I kept my job! Thanks Neil!

Air Conditioning Repairs:

Johnny Perez, Air Conditioning Repair: I was cruising down the motorway on my way back from London when I started to notice a bad smell in the car, I thought it was one of the kids in the back having an accident, but the next day they weren’t in the car and I could still smell it. I looked up online and it said that my air-con may be faulty, so I looked for a repair garage in my area. I gave Neil a call at Widnes Auto Electrical services and they sorted it out for me that very day, thanks a lot guys, I don’t have to choose between not being able to breathe or smelling something awful in my car!

Air Conditioning Widnes

If you would like some more information on our Electrical Repair Services, or you would just like a free quote or you need some more information on our processes, then please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly.


Alternators St Helens

alternators st helens widnes auto electrical st helens

We know that a lot of people need consistent maintenance to their vehicles, and that doesn’t fall short in terms of Alternators. That’s why we at Widnes Auto Electrical are here to provide you with all of your needs in regards to Alternators, so don’t you worry people of St Helens.

The Alternators primary function is to keep your battery charged. As well as that, it also provides your car with all of the means to be able to run things related to electricity. A tip to look out for, is lights can be dimmer, wipers slower and various warning lights on the dash because low voltage can cause many systems to fail. If this happens then pop into our workshop and let us test your car for you and we can sort your problems out quickly and cheaply.

Air Conditioning Widnes

Air Conditioning WidnesHere at Widnes Auto Electrical services we are experts in repairing everything electronic in a vehicle, this includes your vehicle’s Air Conditioning unit, but if yours is working fine, you may feel that you don’t have any requirement to get it serviced, but Air Conditioning can go faulty without you actually noticing (unless you know what you should be looking out for). Here at Widnes Auto Electrical services we can repair & service your Air Conditioning unit for your car throughout the Widnes area.

Why do I need to service my vehicles air conditioning if it is working fine?


  • The right amount of refrigerant and fresh oil will improve the efficiency of the Air Conditioning system and can increase the life span of the compressor.
  • Cleaning air intake ports in the vehicle can clean out the water drainage pipes together with bacteria treatment, as this prevents the Air Conditioning system from mould build up on the inner walls, which is the reason for bad odour coming into the car when the A/C is on, and may cause health problems to yourself or your passengers.
  • An efficiently working air conditioning system may improve your vehicles MPG (Miles per gallon).


My climate control system only blows in warm air. Will an Air Conditioning service, procedure or recharge fix this?


Yes and no. If your system is low on gas, then a recharge should get the system working properly. But any other faults in the Air Conditioning, like gas leakage, electrical or any mechanical component fault(s) need to be diagnosed first and eliminated before recharge can be done, as this could cause more problems further down the line for yourself.


I recharged my Air Conditioning unit one month ago and now it’s empty again. Can you come out and find the leak?


Sadly, no: A micro (very tiny) leak can be very hard to trace, the wind and sun complicates the work of the technician and in some cases can extended the diagnostic procedures required. Leak finding test can be done solely at our workshop, located at the industrial area located under the Runcorn Bridge (Widnes side).


How often do I need to get my Air Conditioning system serviced?


The majority of vehicle manufacturers usually recommend to service the Air Conditioning system every two years. The cabin’s Air Filter usually has to be checked always during each annual maintenance service and must be replaced if required. Vehicle air conditioning can present unexpected and unexplainable problems such as: Heat that doesn’t heat up the inside of the vehicle. Air conditioning that doesn’t cool you down during those awful stuffy days in the car. Defrosters that can’t keep the windows clear, these can cause safety issues when driving in the winter. Unpleasant odour, this is usually caused by a build-up of mould in the inner walls and this causes the air to push the strong smell into the car forcing yourself and your passengers to cope with the smell.


If you are in need of getting your Air Conditioning repaired or serviced and you’re in the Widnes area, then why not come pop down into our garage and see what exactly we can do for you. Alternatively if you are interested in what we can do for you, or you would just like a free quote, then please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us and a member of our friendly team will be in touch with you shortly regarding your quote, or with information regarding on how to advance to our next steps.

The old classics!



Two old classics in this week with wiring issues. The Porsche 944 had sunroof issues, the customer had fitted new motors and switches but the fault remained. Broken wiring turned out to be the problem. With the Morris van the customer had stripped the vehicle to respray and had put the wiring back incorrectly and had burnt the loom. So we cut out the burnt wiring and worked out where they had wired it wrong and got it up and running. Two happy enthusiasts picked up their pride and joys ready for the summer.



Today in our workshop this JAG XKR came in for a softtop conversion. These lovely machines strangely never came with remote operation as standard. With this conversion the owner now has full open facility where all the windows come down and roof opens with 1touch of a button on the key fob and the same for closure. Also the internal roof switch is now 1 touch rather than having to press and hold it for the duration of the roof operation. One happy customer was now looking forward to a sunny bank holiday weekend with the roof down.