Corsa Airbag fault

In for airbag faults

Wiring for the system was checked and found to be OK upto the seat. So the seat was removed and stripped to gain access to wiring inside

On examining the loom you can see where the loom has been trapped and cut through

A simple repair was made and the seat refitted, codes cleared and tested.

Ford Transit Connect

This vehicle came to us with a problem with the gauges. With accurate wiring diagrams we confirmed the wiring was good.

A second hand set of gauges were sourced, fitted and with the correct tools the keys, milage and immobiliser were coded in

Ford Transit locking fault

This vehicle came to us with locking issues. It had previously had a new interior fitted due to fire. A quick look at fault codes revealed antenna fault. On stripping interior to examine wiring it was found to have been repaired to a very low standard,

It was also found that the antenna was missing. A new antenna and loom was sourced and the wiring repaired to a safe standard. The locking worked without any programming necessary.

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta in for the radio not powering up. It had been to a ‘specialist’ that had tested radio and said it was a wiring fault.

These radios come in 3 separate pieces, the display, the audio unit and the keypad. With accurate wiring diagrams we were able to test feeds and grounds to the audio unit and also the communication lines know as Canbus, all proved good. So even though a radio expert had said it was wiring we have proved the wiring is OK.

We didn’t suspect the display as it would still have sound. The audio unit was checked for current draw and a thermal camera used to see if it was getting warm. This isn’t 100% test but an indication it’s working. There is no way of testing keypad, only substitute for another which we had available.

This proved to be the problem as it came on and worked perfectly.

Another job successfully completed without any guess work or unnecessary parts fitted.

2007 Focus ST gauges

Ford Focus with cutting out and losing power issues, diagnosed by us using reliable and presise test plans. Enable us to diagnose problems quickly and accurately. In this case the gauges were the problem and we are able to repair these saving the customer hundreds against new.

Citroën Belingo ABS Fault

This vehicle came to us after another garage had failed to find the fault. The ABS light was on with a fault code for the signal to the rear left sensor.

The previous garage had fitted another sensor but the fault remained. Through tests it was found that the signal wirer from the sensor to the ABS module had gone to earth somewhere.

It was now a case of tracing the loom through the engine bay and the rear of the dash and under the carpets to the rear.

With the seats removed and the carpet lifted the fault was found. The loom was rubbed through where it was cable tied and the carpet was pressing on it. It must of been like this from new and had finally rubbed through. The loom looked perfect visually but experience in these kind of faults allowed us to find it quickly.

On this video you can see as we push on the loom our tester beeps as the wirer touches earth.

Another customer happy to get it sorted before the Christmas break.

Webasto aux heater trouble

This van was in our workshop to have a look at the rear aux heater. The heater is a Webasto that uses fuel to a heater underneath the vehicle.

This is the control on the dashboard. The green light flashes a code to help diagnose the issue.

The flash code on this vehicle told us that the system had shut down. So we had to perform a reset before we could proceed further. Once reset a code for fuel supply flashed up.

With accurate wiring diagrams we could trace the wiring to the fuel solenoid and found that there was a cut off switch circuit fault. We managed to repair the fault and confirm a fix with our thermal camera


Mercedes SL500

Into our workshop was this Merc that had problems with the aux battery under the bonnet not charging. This battery is used when cranking to help give extra amps. Also it is isolated from the main battery when ignition is off, so if main battery goes flat the vehicle can use this battery to in essence jump start the car.

The battery symbol was lit on the lcd panel on dash and the aux battery had gone flat.

There is a split charge relay that controls this along with a battery stabilisation module. We gained access to these components (not easy being a cabriolet, having to remove part of the roof mechanism) and checked wiring associated with this system all checked ok. On gaining access to components a burning smell was noticed but no burnt wiring was seen. With the battery disconnected the relay and module were removed and checked

The battery stabilisation module was burnt. We replaced this with a new O. E part and replaced charge relay to be safe reset fault codes and checked. Job correct first time and no unnecessary parts fitted.

2011Mini Cooper

Into our workshop was this Mini which had been recovered from another garage (BMW specialist) which had failed to fix the car after having it over 2 months!!

The problem with the car was ABS, traction light on and the steering lock inoperative. The previous garage as can be seen have tried fitting a new cas unit and then apparently 3 more(there were a total of 5cas units in vehicle)!!

The fault codes show faults in CAS and ABS modules. We coded in both modules correctly, this still left speed signal faults.

In live data the CAS unit thought car was moving even when stationary. That is why steering lock was not operating.

The CAS unit we know can think this if there is a wiring issue between itself and the ABS module. So examining wiring diagrams we can trace the loom and a broken wirer was found. A simple repair and the customer had car back the next day.


Hyundai i20 no heated rear screen

This vehicle came to us with a problem with the heated rear screen inoperative.

A look at the wiring diagram shows its more complicated than people would think.

When you push the switch it sends signal to chassis ecu, which then sends signal to fuse box and relay, which in turn sends signal to screen and engine ecu (which can raise revs slightly to help with the extra load the screen has).

The circuit tested it was found that the signal was being seen by the chassis ecu but it was not sending signal on. The rest of the circuit was checked in case of further faults, none were found.

A new module was sourced and fitted with confidence.

A first time fix with no parts cannon fired at it.